Intelligent business development consultancy, advice and support

Since 2005, small and medium-sized businesses have trusted me to help them to smooth out the peaks and troughs in their sales - using my 20 years experience and knowledge gained from my real-world work in sales and business to business (B2B) business development.

I provide advice, support, consultancy, coaching and training to help companies to better position their offering, profile their audience, identify their prospects and engage them in a way that respects the prospect and my clients' brands.

I have a small network of specialists - some internal, some external - who can deliver what we agree on and what we need to make you successful - and quality is an absolute obsession of mine...

I can help you with your business development strategy or your tactics. I can troubleshoot an issue or fine tune something. I can provide challenge and perspective.

And I'm happy to work with you on process, positioning, messaging, your audience, or the use of systems and technology to improve efficiency, responsiveness and communication. I can even help your sales staff with their mindset and approach to prospects

If you want to grow your sales, expand your marketplace or increase your revenue I would be pleased to chat to you - I can be reached on 07980 678910 - or via email

Clients say...

"Jon has a great approach to working with clients and prospects alike. Warm, intelligent and open to complete collaboration which makes him a perfect representative of our brand and an extension of the team, leading to great results."

- Bec Chelin, Managing Director, Manchester at Manifest Group

"Jon has been enormously helpful in establishing a sound approach to business development at Featurist. He’s spent a lot of time with us to understand our business and market, he’s asked the right questions and made us confront hard truths, he’s got us to write and rewrite text over and over until it works, and has been instrumental in setting the tone and language used our website. On top of that, he’s exceptionally easy to work with and we look forward to seeing more of him and his expertise in the future. I can highly recommend his skills to anybody looking for help with business development."

- Tim Macfarlane, Senior Software Developer and Director of Featurist

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