My Mission

"To help nice people to do better in business + to help business to do good for the under-represented."

My Story

The short version.

In 2005, after working in business development and partnerships for a number of agencies and consultancies, I started a business that helped my clients to get in front of decision makers in the firms they wanted to work with.

The business grew and we had some great stories of success; clients gained valuable relationships, attended lucrative meetings and handled opportunities that resulted in contracts, company valuations and acquisitions worth millions.

Yet much of the value we delivered only lasted as long as we worked with them - we weren’t really equipping them with the skills to continue to maintain that success thereafter...

So I took the insights gained and shaped the business in order to address that challenge and help organisations to create more sustainable growth strategies.

Today, I help my clients to develop the systems, processes, knowledge, skills and confidence to better generate and leverage the opportunities than can shape their future.

I also work with a number of not-for-profits and good causes to help people to leverage business for good.

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