Good causes

I'm keen to leverage my skills to help people - and I have a number of different interests that I'd like to work on...

If you're involved in any of these and feel that my experience could be useful - please do get in touch.

Evolving the world of education

Maybe I'm a bit out of date - but unless something massive has changed since I went to school (and from what I've seen - it hasn't) - I sense that the conventional school model is broken...

Recipe: take one overworked teacher and add 30 children with their own ideas, interests, peculiarities and style then shoehorn them all into a uniformly shaped pigeon-hole and see what happens.

Whilst "fitting in" is convenient for schools and certain careers, I don't feel it's something that allows people to flourish - finding a way where children can use their natural skills and interests makes a lot more sense...

Evolving the world of work

Applicants must have a minimum 2:1 in Life Science from a Russell Group university - and x years of experience in a relevant field... Is this what people have become - a set of criteria?

I've been on both sides of the recruitment fence - and I've seen the poor quality of applicants that apply for many jobs - and the inhuman recruitment process that is necessitated in order to handle this tide.

Rather than wait 40 years for a mid-life crisis I feel we need to start encouraging and nurturing purpose and passion at a much younger age and then have that underpin education and career choices...

Mental health

Our modern world is heaping pressure on people -  both male and female. Men have to provide, be strong but sensitive, considerate, well-groomed  at all times... - and it's a similar story for women.

For those that choose to become parents they're expected to do all of the above and raise children, whilst walking the tightrope balancing financial pressures and being there for their kids.

They have to make complex decisions that 10 years ago were just not a consideration - internet access, when to let them have a phone; giving them the right stuff at the right time whilst not creating a sense of entitlement - no wonder mental health suffers.


Homelessness is an epidemic: according to 2019 figures from the charity Shelter, 1 in 200 people is now recorded as homeless or living in inadequate homes. It's just not right.

We're a wealthy country; according to the IMF we're the 6th wealthiest in the world based on GDP - I feel we should be doing better.

Many homeless people suffer with mental health/addiction issues too.

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