Entrepreneurship is lonely. Let's change that.

A while ago I met up with a friend/client and we were talking about the challenges of running a business as a sole operator or director. We spoke about how you effectively move things forward, take a new direction or solve a challenge in isolation - with limited accountability.

Ultimately, the buck stops with you - everything is your fault - and sometimes it's lonely.

Husbands, wives, partners and friends often don't understand what it's like...

So we decided to fix this.

Our answer is 'Objective Perspective': a support network for techie business owners or operators who want a place where they can go to share their challenges - their thoughts - their fears - their 'dumb' and not-so-dumb questions - and get support, advice and an alternative, objective perspective from someone who gets 'it'.

The group is hand-curated based on in-depth discussions with each participant and each session is facilitated by me or my business partner - geography is irrelevant as all sessions are hosted online.

The initial engagement will be for six fortnightly sessions of up-to 2 hours - and we're looking for an initial group of 4-5 people to be involved - if demand is high we'll look to start another group.

To register your interest please complete this form.

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